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HVACR Services Testimonials


HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I would highly recommend Joe for any HVACR design work. I will continue to refer to people I know that have any HVACR work as a first point of reference. Good luck with your project. With Joe on your side, I am sure it will be successful.” – Tim Connolly [View Tim’s complete, original letter here.]

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I just want to take a minute to thank you for detailed and complete training on the Elite RHVAC Software for ACCA Manual J, S and D. You have prepared our Comfort Advisors for the new challenges ahead for the HVAC Industry. Your commitment to training and  continuing education for all Master HVAC License holders is often overlooked and under appreciated. Your support for our team after the training and even on location if necessary makes our team the best that we can be. Thank you for keeping our team ahead of the competition .” – John Lutz [View John’s complete, original letter here.]

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I am licensed in Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland and have been to many seminars, webinars etc. Most of which are boorish and mundane. I have been in the trades since 1977 and can happily say that your class was actually very informative as well as dynamic.” – David P Harwell

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I wanted to thank you for an informative training course last Saturday. I have to be honest, I was not looking forward to another boring training class where I did not learn anything. Your class was interesting, entertaining and informative and I came away with new knowledge that will be useful over the next few years.” – Edward De Angelis

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed taking this class online. Would be nice to take more classes online. Hope the HVACR Board would really consider this option because it’s very good.” – Alan Monahan

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“My husband took your class this morning, Mike Lemon, and I sat in and found it very interesting. You are a pleasure to watch & I really enjoyed it. Mike couldn’t believe I sat with him the whole time. I don’t work with him but I hear everything so I actually knew some words you used and learned some too. Just wanted you to know it was enjoyable. Loved your crazy pictures too.” – Daryl Ann Lemon

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Class was informative and very well done. I liked the topics you covered that are very applicable to today’s industry.”
– Wayne Cappadona

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“It was a pleasure to be in your class. I usually fall asleep during seminars, but you definitely kept my interest. I hope I am on a mailing list for future classes.” – Ray DeFilippo

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Great class yesterday. It was very informative & overall a very pleasant experience. I’m sure the other attendees from our company felt the same. During this crazy period that we’re all going through, the webinar worked flawlessly.” – Bill Sellinger

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“The training for the NJ HVACR refresher course was very informative and very helpful. With the changing times and pandemic, the online course was a perfect fit, allowing us to review from the comforts of our office and home. You’re always a pleasure to talk to and deal with and I’m very glad I have you as a resource to assist when needed with the continually changing industry we are in.” – Jim Hall

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I’d like to take the time to personally thank you for your outstanding class today. It is nice to see such a knowledgeable individual sharing his experience with us in the trade. The state of New Jersey is hopefully as honored as I am – as your student – to have you keeping us up to date on the laws and codes needed to protect our licenses, as well as the consumers we serve. Quite often we are frustrated by others who practice our trade without holding a license and knowledge of the business. Knowing we have someone like you in our corner is definitely a breath of fresh air.” – Tracy Zarriello

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Thank you providing Saturday’s class. As an HVACR instructor for 15 years, I truly enjoyed your dynamic teaching style. I loved the topic of sizing equipment; many contractors struggle to understand the equipment must be properly matched using manufacturer matchup charts for indoor/metering device and outdoor units to achieve the proper equipment rating. ARI uses different design conditions to improve equipment EER/SEER rating. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks again!” – Keith Satterthwaite, CMHE

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I enjoyed the class very much. You were very informative, made us laugh and you were a very good speaker. Kept my interest the entire time. Thank you.” – Bill Grau

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Just want to drop a note to let you know that the webinar was, in my opinion, a complete success. Very easy to register and join in online; convenient and informative. I would like to see this class done the same way every time.” – Joseph Gallo

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I just finished your 1 hour training for plumbers. I found it to be very informative & interesting. I especially liked starting the seminar with the Pledge of Allegiance & a moment of silence.” – Henry Salerno

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I just wanted to thank you for running the class for the HVAC license continuing education program from the safety and comfort of home. I look forward to future classes. It was extremely informative and you made it fun to keep our attention. Thank you very much.” – Mark Attias

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote

“It was a great class. I actually thought it was great doing this online. It went extremely well. You gave us a lot of knowledge and some advice which I really appreciate.” – David Gershenow

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote

“GREAT training class! The Code update was done very well and informative. The Heat Pump and equipment segment was huge and also very informative. I particularly enjoyed you sharing your business experiences and I am sure our young and up and coming Contractors will gain from it. Downloaded your PDF files, also done well. Thank you.” – Art Stainner

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote

“Just wanted to say thanks for doing this class online. Excellent information. I really hope I can continue to do this class with you online.” – Ryan Lao

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I appreciate the effort and materials you put into the online class. It was definitely well worth my time and I’m looking forward to being able to take more continuing education classes online. Thank you.” – Richie Del Ponte

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the online HVACR class. I found it to be a lot more user-friendly than I thought it might be. The system worked very well and was informative. I think online training is the way to go. I believe it saves in many ways. Thank You for the opportunity to get my 5 hrs credit in these tough times. You did an excellent job!” – Dan Cittadino

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I attended the 5-hour HVACR online training class for the State of New Jersey today and found this platform better than the previous class that I had taken giving by another vendor. Being able to take this class online is much better and I found your class to be well prepared and kept flowing. I hope the Board of Examination of HVACR Contractors considers maintaining this platform, as it is much easier to attend versus investing a day to a day & a half driving to the class location the night before and staying in a hotel so you can be on time to attend in the morning and returning home the next day. Thank you for sending the PDF files in advance of the class for review and use afterwards also; this is excellent information to keep for future use.” – Bob Glenn

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Just wanted to say thank you for today’s class. It was very informative and explained well. I’ve been trying to sign up for a couple of months but could not find time to come down to your location. This at home/office training is awesome! Hopefully you can keep this up for next time.” – Sal Mariconda

“Joe, thanks for hosting the online training class for my HVACR renewal. The class was:

  • Organized
  • Functional
  • Punctual
  • Without technical issues
  • Easy for the attendees
  • Much improved way to fulfill the requirements for license renewal

5 star review

Great Job!” – Bob McAllister

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“I took your online NJ HVACR continued education class and I want to let you know how much I enjoyed this class. First I absolutely loved the fact it was online and I attended it from the comfort of my own home but I must honestly say that you do an amazing job, from how much knowledge and info you give to how well you explain it, what a great job. But I really want to tell you how you kept me interested and focused on what you were teaching, you have a great personality for online teaching, I honestly was prepared with snacks and coffee and everything I thought I would need to get through this class without wandering in thought and zoning out. I didn’t touch a snack nor did I drink a fraction of the coffee I prepared to drink because I was seriously enjoying your class. Keep up the great work and I look forward to another one of your classes in the future! Thank You.” – Anthony Colea

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Just wanted to say a few words about your training class – Great Job! Online training can be a mixed bag – you handled it very well. It was great that all were muted but we could text in questions, or ask them live at break time. This kept the class moving and we did not get side tracked. All questions were answered for everyone at the end of every hour. It was great that all material was available for download at sign up. I could then take notes as needed after I printed them. Thank you for putting a great class, and I wish you and your family well through these tough times. P.S. I hope the board continues online classes in the future.” – David Gordon

HVAC Training Testimonials Quote“Thank you, Joe, for the excellent class. Well done, and thank you for all your hard work that you put into this. Your passion for HVACR and your humor really makes the class flow.” – Damon DeGrassie (attendee at HVACR Continuing Education session)

“Today was one of the best training presentations I have attended in this industry. It was for continuing education credits for my Master HVACR License for the state of NJ. The class was put on by one of most knowledgeable people in our field. His name is Joe Navarra and his company is HVACR Comfort Pro. We learned about a multitude of topics including ACCA protocols, duct sizing, load calculations, guidelines for keeping our licenses in good standing and a bit of combustion analysis – a subject very near and dear to yours truly. If you need these credits in NJ I suggest you seek Joe out. You will be happy you did.” – Tyler N., Instrumentation Sales Manager at E-Instruments

“On behalf of the Central Jersey Code Officials Association and the Education Committee, I would like to thank you for your time and consideration in presenting this seminar. We look forward to working with you in the future with any educational seminars that may enhance our association and the industry.” – Jim H., Building Subcode Official for Florence Township, NJ